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INFINITE DISPOSABLE by Sara Habein and Tyson Habein

It’s been six months since Infinite Disposable was released, and we’ve had a great reception from people all over the world. Of the 125 limited edition books, we have only 50 remaining, so we wanted to remind you of their existence before they are all gone. This will be the only print run, so if you’ve been procrastinating a purchase, keep that in mind.

Infinite Disposable is a collection of flash fiction by Sara Habein paired with surreal black and white film photography from Tyson Habein. Its otherworldly stories shift through loss, loneliness, and the passage of time. Each cover is handmade and signed by both author and photographer. If you’re on Goodreads, be sure to add Infinite Disposable to your online shelves.

If you are a Great Falls, Montana resident, let us know and we will hand deliver the book, saving you the shipping cost.

But for everyone else, here’s how you can get your mitts on the book:

US Residents: $9 book + $3 shipping
O, Canada! (Sorry.) Your rate: $9 book + $4 shipping
All Countries Outside US & Canada: $9 book + $7 shipping

Just a reminder – Because payments are processed through PayPal, please make sure your name and address information are current. And, of course, that you’re clicking on the right purchasing link for your country. If you have any questions, email sarahabein AT gmail DOT com.

Keep in mind that each cover is hand-painted, and so there are slight variations with every book. Thanks for reading and your continued support!

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    […] at these readings, we’ll have the last remaining copies of Infinite Disposable by Sara and Tyson Habein, our previous title (one limited to an edition of […]

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