• Tyson Habein is the author of Flawed Machine.  He is a photographer and artist based out of Great Falls, Montana whose photos appear in Infinite Disposable. He is the former co-editor of SPOKE(a)N(e) Magazine, and his work has appeared in Huffington PostThe Inlander, Spokane Metro, and Electric City Creative, among others.
  • Sara Habein is the author Infinite Disposable, the editor Electric City Creative, and the former co-editor of SPOKE(a)N(e) Magazine.  She is a staff writer for Persephone Magazine, and her work has appeared on Pajiba, The Rumpus, and Word Riot, among others. For book reviews, music commentary and other miscellaneous thoughtery, see her site, Glorified Love Letters.
  • Saif Alsaegh is the author of the poetry collection Iraqi Headaches. Originally from Iraq, he currently lives in The United States. After a youth spent in Baghdad listening to rock music and reading Arabic, French, and American writers, he continued his education in Damascus, New York, California, and Montana while writing and performing poetry in both Arabic and English. His work has appeared in Witness, The Great Falls Tribune, The Legendary, and other venues.

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