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Reboot! New information about INFINITE DISPOSABLE

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We kept pushing the date back, we know. “This Spring! Uh…. We mean, Summer! End of this year?”  Infinite Disposable just kept running into problems. Such is the peril of running a 2-person operation with zero budget. However, we are pleased to announce that we’re committing to a publication date, and we’re going to make it happen. Infinite Disposable arrives February 29, 2012.

Yes, it’s a special Leap Year release.

Infinite Disposable is a collection of flash fiction paired with surreal black and white film photography. Its otherworldly stories shift through loss, loneliness, and the passage of time. Each cover will be handmade, and the print run will be limited to 125 books.

Check back soon for information on pricing and the cover. Thank you for being patient.


Our books at Electric City Creative’s Art Party + Group Show

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Butchard M and Nouveau Nostalgia

We were unable to have our latest book, INFINITE DISPOSABLE, ready in time for Electric City Creative‘s Art Party + Group Show held on May 20, but we were able to sell a few copies of FLAWED MACHINE, as well as $3 hand-stenciled t-shirts bearing NN’s name:


Matt is one of many folks who are now proud owners of Nouveau Nostalgia t-shirts

HOWEVER, we were able to also print up some nice promotional posters for INFINITE DISPOSABLE, which pairs Tyson Habein‘s photography with microfiction from Sara Habein. We chose 10 of our favorite pages and hung them around Machinery Row. The response was really great, and it seems that people are looking forward to its release. We’ll let you know as soon as it is available, and in the meantime, the posters should still be hanging up in the bar.

Also upcoming is a special, one-off print book from Tyson Habein called STEPPING IN PUDDLES. It is a series of limited edition prints enclosed in a hand-painted, folding cover. That will also be available for purchase soon.

Catch Nouveau Nostalgia at Electric City Creative’s Art Party + Group Show

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Electric City Creative is hosting an Art Party + Group Show, May 20 at Machinery Row in Great Falls. In addition to having print editions of the magazine available, Nouveau Nostalgia will have books available for purchase. Our first release, Flawed Machine by Tyson Habein, will sit alongside our upcoming release, Infinite Disposable. Details about that book are coming soon.

You can find out more about the event on ECC’s site or via Facebook.

Hope to see you there.

Flawed Machine by Tyson Habein

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“There are times in any large group, that the moments of revelry slide roughly up against moments of vulnerability. Those moments are when we find our minds elsewhere, our hearts not in the festivities.”

Flawed Machine by Tyson Habein is a fine art photography book.

32 pages, Edition of 20

basic: $5 plus $3 shipping
deluxe: $8 plus $3 shipping (comes with unique 8×10 print and personalized note – Only 3 left)

2 images from FLAWED MACHINE


$5 + $3 S/H

$8 + $3 S/H


Coming Soon

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Tester post for the micro-press, Nouveau Nostalgia. NN is a production of Habein Studio. Stay tuned for ordering information regarding our first book: Flawed Machine by Tyson Habein.


In the meantime, “like” us on Facebook here.